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Part One of the Series : Did you read up on...

 Steps to Becoming a Dentist  One of the most common questions I get is what was the process of becoming a pediatric dentist.  I love my career and look back at the process as being forged from fire. For each step there were uniquely challenging hurdles and a significant amount of perseverance required. The process involves 8-14 years of higher education: - Obtaining a bachelor degree (4 years) - Obtaining a doctorate degree (4 years) - If chosen, obtaining a specialty certificate and/or degree (1-6 years)  A few great resources for those on the pre-dental journey:   American Dental Association outline from high school to dental school becoming a dentist: dentist/high-school-and-college-students  Summer Educational Program for  Underrepresented Minorities in Dental School: - was a wonderful resource when I was applying for dental school and residency. It had a lot